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Front Leveling Suspension – Forged Torsion Key


ReadyLIFT® leveling kits are the fastest, safest, least expensive way to bring the front of a Cadillac Escalade level with the rear. Our torsion keys are designed to grab the “FLAT” of the torsion bar for a tighter, sturdier fit. CNC machined adjuster bolt pockets and 10.9 grade metric hardware allow for proper bolt seating, ensuring an accurate and safe adjustment. Only ReadyLift® torsion keys are forged, making them 25% stronger than OEM and primed to last the life of your vehicle.

Fits 99-2007 GM 1500 classic 4WD

2002-2006 Cadillac Escalade, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Avalanche 2wd & 4wd – 6-lug

88-98 GM 1500 4WD – lifts 1.5 inches.

For information about tire and wheel sizes please visit the ReadyLift Tire Sizing and Calculator Page

The adjustable 66-3000 torsion key provides 1.5” to 2.5” of lift and gives clearance to add up to 33″ wheels and tires. ReadyLift® keys are guaranteed never to affect the OEM ride and will not add more pressure on the stock suspension components. Through our innovative engineering, ReadyLIFT® kits cost thousands less than a traditional lift kit and install in about an hour.

ReadyLift® Lifetime Warranty Included! All ReadyLIFT® products are backed by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle and includes all necessary parts, hardware, detailed installation instructions, and two color decals.

ReadyLift® Features
Keeps your factory ride – Guaranteed
Will never wear, break or fail – Guaranteed
Toughest finish – Guaranteed
Safest way to level lift – Guaranteed

ReadyLift® Torsion Key
Forged for ultimate strength
Safely raises trucks 1.5 to 2.5 inches
Does not “over crank” torsion bar

66-3000 – Custom torsion key adjusting bolts are included that prevent the installer from over-cranking the torsion key, which affects ride. The kit may be dialed up with the stock adjusting bolts, but which may also affect ride quality

ReadyLIFT Torsion Key Unloading Tool
If you plan on installing the ReadyLIFT® Leveling Torsion Key then you will need a torsion key unloading tool to get the job done safely and effectively. Torsion keys possess the entire force of the torsion bars and even in a full droop position, the keys are still under a load. Torsion Key Unloading Tools are the ONLY safe method for removing and installing torsion keys. ReadyLift® offers the only Forged Torsion Key Unloading Tool. This tool is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you plan to do the installation yourself.

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Premium Forged Torsion Key Leveling Kit.

Includes shock extensions.

Max Lift 2.5 in. – Max Tire Dia. 33 in.

Fits 99-2007 GM 1500 classic 4WD

2002-2006 Cadillac Escalade, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, Avalanche 2wd & 4wd – 6-lug

88-98 GM 1500 4WD – lifts 1.5 inches.

Additional information

Tire Fitment

33" Maximum tire diameter

33×11.50 for no rub on a 9" wide wheel with +12 offset

18" – 295/65R18

20" – 285/60R20

22" – 285/50R22

Kit Components

ReadyLIFT Forged Torsion Keys

Front Shock Extensions

Shock hardware

Longer torsion key bolts