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FJ Cruiser/4Runner Lift Kit



Max Lift 3-in Max Tire Diameter 33-in –
w/o X-REAS Suspension


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ReadyLIFT® Suspension Leveling and Mild Kits are one of the most popular aftermarket products for Toyota truck and SUV owners. Leveling systems not only transform trucks like the FJ Cruiser into a taller, better looking vehicle, but they also provide a more commanding view of the road. Mild kits from ReadyLIFT® Suspension Inc., the leader in suspension leveling and mild lift systems, are the most economical and safe method of altering vehicle ride height, which also allows the consumer to upgrade his tires to a preferred larger size. Nothing looks better than a truck fit with an aggressive stance and that is exactly what ReadyLift® Smart Suspension Systems (SST) provide! The ReadyLIFT® 69-5060 SST Lift Kit is the complete lifting solution for FJ Cruiser owners.

ReadyLIFT® Suspension Inc. has used their proven engineering methods to produce a true 3-inch SST Suspension Lift System for the 2006-2017 Toyota 4Runner (P/N 69-5060). This system lifts the 2005-2013 FJ Cruiser 3.0″ in front and 2.0″ in the rear, all while maintaining the factory ride. Our 3-inch intermediate Smart Strut Technology system fits all FJ Cruisers and provides the owner with the opportunity to upgrade to larger wheel and tire combinations up to 33-inches in diameter while retaining the great stock ride and handling characteristics.

This is a complete suspension lift kit that includes a pair of powder coated steel strut extensions, two front differential drop brackets, two skid plate spacers and a set of rear lift spring spacers. The SST strut extension and diff drop bracket has been designed to provide 3-inches of front suspension lift while retaining the OEM safe suspension geometry. Unlike other kits, the ReadyLIFT® 3-inch suspension system requires no cutting or strut spring pre-loading and installs quickly and safely using the provided heavy-duty hardware. Quality step-by-step instructions are provided with every kit.

Professional installation time is estimated at two to three hours. An alignment will be necessary upon completion of installing the kit. Like all other ReadyLIFT kits, our FJ Cruiser mild lift kit is guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects.

2011-2013 models will require modification to the rear bump stop (shorten the bump stop) for rear spring installation.

For information about tire and wheel sizes please visit the ReadyLift Tire Sizing and Calculator Page.

NOTE: Does not work with 4Runner Trail Edition or 4Runner or FJ Cruiser models equipped with Hydraulic Sway Bar.

Additional information

Tire Fitment

33" Maximum tire diameter

33×11.50 for no rub on a 9" wide wheel with +6 offset

18" – 295/65R18

20" – 285/60R20

22" – 285/50R22


Front strut extensions.

Rear coil spring spacers.

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