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Uniball Upper Control Arm – Toyota Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, 4Runner – 6-lug – 2WD & 4WD


Sold as Pair – For Use On Stock, Leveled or Lifted Trucks.
Works on 2005-2017 Tacoma 6-lug, 2005-2014 FJ Cruiser and 2003-2017 4Runner. Large 1.0″ uniball for the outer pivot Urethane bushings for the inner pivot. Correct uniball angle for lifted applications. Made in USA

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Take Your Toyota Tacoma, FJ Cruiser or 4Runner To A Whole New Level of Performance Both On and Off Road!!!
Made for use on 2003-2017 4Runner and 2005-2014 FJ Cruiser.

The ReadyLIFT® Off Road Suspension product line is performance has been developed for the consumer who wants an extra edge. The ReadyLIFT® Off Road Series 1 Mid Travel upper Control Arms (UCA’s) are stronger than the stock arms and are 100% bolt-on. The UCA’s are a direct fit and will work on trucks that are stock, or have leveling kits*, or lift kits*.

*For trucks with a leveling or lift kit- Your leveling kit or lift kit must currently use the factory upper control arm and factory upper ball joint. If your kit does not utilize these factory components, our upper Control Arms may not work.

Our tab and slot design increases the overall strength of the arm by interlocking each plate. A heat treated conversion pin allows you to retain the factory spindle while running a super strong PTFE® lined 1″ uniball. Just how strong are these Uniballs? They have been used in all forms of off road racing without failure. Zerk fittings are provided to make re-greasing the urethane bushings painless. The Series 1 UCA kits are great for someone who bolts on a bigger set of tires or someone who wants to increase their off road capability. The ReadyLIFT® Off Road Series 1 UCAs gives you greater off road versatility and strength compared to a more restrictive conventional stock UCA.

If you want a virtually indestructible heavy duty off road upper control arm design and construction engineered for stock, leveled or mild lifted trucks, then the ReadyLIFT Off Road Series UCAs are exactly what you need.

Features & Benefits:

  • Correct uniball angle for lifted applications.
  • Tab and slot boxed plate design increases overall strength and durability.
  • Stronger and longer lasting outer and inner pivots.
  • PTFE® lined 1″ uniball for the outer pivot – No Squeaking!
  • Urethane bushings for the inner pivot.
  • 4340 Heat treated conversion pin (for ball joint to uniball conversion).
  • 17-4 Stainless steel CNC machined high misalignment spacers.
  • Increased wheel travel over stock (with shock upgrade).
  • Can be used on a truck with stock suspension, leveling kit, or lift kit*.
  • Tough Metallic gray powder coat
  • Durable Grade 8 hardware.
  • No modifications required to install.

Additional information


Fabricated steel upper control arm

PTFE® lined 1" uniball for the outer pivot – No Squeaking!

Urethane bushings for the inner pivot.

4340 Heat treated conversion pin (for ball joint to uniball conversion).

17-4 Stainless steel CNC machined high misalignment spacers.

Make Model Year Drivetrain
Make Model Year Drivetrain
Toyota 4Runner 2006 2WD
Toyota 4Runner 2006 4WD
Toyota 4Runner 2007 2WD
Toyota 4Runner 2007 4WD
Toyota 4Runner 2008 2WD
Toyota 4Runner 2008 4WD
Toyota 4Runner 2009 2WD
Toyota 4Runner 2009 4WD
Toyota 4Runner 2010 2WD
Toyota 4Runner 2010 4WD
Toyota 4Runner 2011 2WD
Toyota 4Runner 2011 4WD
Toyota 4Runner 2012 2WD
Toyota 4Runner 2012 4WD
Toyota 4Runner 2013 2WD
Toyota 4Runner 2013 4WD
Toyota 4Runner 2014 2WD
Toyota 4Runner 2014 4WD
Toyota 4Runner 2015 2WD
Toyota 4Runner 2015 4WD
Toyota 4Runner 2016 2WD
Toyota 4Runner 2016 4WD
Toyota 4Runner 2017 2WD
Toyota 4Runner 2017 4WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2005 2WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2005 4WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2006 2WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2006 4WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007 2WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007 4WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2008 2WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2008 4WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2009 2WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2009 4WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2010 2WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2010 4WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2011 2WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2011 4WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2012 2WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2012 4WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2013 2WD
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2013 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2005 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2005 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2006 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2006 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2007 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2007 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2008 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2008 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2009 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2009 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2010 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2010 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2011 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2011 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2012 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2012 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2013 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2013 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2014 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2014 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2015 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2015 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2016 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2016 4WD
Toyota Tacoma 2017 2WD
Toyota Tacoma 2017 4WD